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Episode 27 - Dinner in the Diner

Dining Car
Teacher's Kit - Railroad Transportation (date unknown)
(from the kit I inherited from my Great-Grandpa Glenn Hazelrigg)


Episode 27 was all about wartime rationing aboard dining cars in WWII. We uncovered some really interesting details! Enjoy these supplemental images along with some great railroad-themed propaganda from the National Archives. You can find the recipe for Military Chocolate Ice Cream at the end of this post!

National Archives - citation below

National Archives - citation below

National Archives - citation below

National Archives - citation below

National Archives - citation below

National Archives - citation below

postcard of
Dining Car on Southern Pacific's "Shasta Daylight"

Southern Pacific wartime pamphlet

Dining car kitchen with three cooks hard at work.
From my great-grandpa's teacher's educational kit

Dining Car Kitchen
From my great-grandpa's City of Los Angeles booklet

National Archives - citation below

B&O Dining Car wartime menu

Southern Pacific wartime dining car menu

Below are two more wartime menus: one for Union Pacific and one for Pennsylvania Railroad


The Cookbook Feature was: Military Meals at Home Cook Book: 250 Recipes adapted for Home use from Recipes used by the Armed Forces edited by Ruth Berolzeimer and published by the Culinary Arts Institute, 1943. 

I made the Chocolate Ice Cream. I mentioned in the podcast that I made it using the method of melted chocolate, but it had been awhile since I made it. In hind sight I remembered that I actually used cocoa powder. If you opt for cocoa powder, I would mix it in at the beginning with the flour and sugar.   



Dinner in the Diner During the Golden Age of Rail Travel

Excerpts from the Passenger Train (1940)

"Southern Pacific's first African-American dining car steward: Metro Disposal Inc. honors Mr. Charles Johnson.." The Free Library. 2013 IMDiversity, Inc. 12 Jul. 2022

Uniformed dining car waiters on the Empire Builder, February 1947

Riding and Working on the Railroad

Pullman Museum Searchable Catalog

A History of Railroad Dining Cars (video) from the North Carolina Transportation Museum

Dining Cars Come Back, 1945 (British Pathé film - it’s got some great footage of their kitchen!)

Preparing Dinner in the Dining Car

Troop Kitchen Cars - Heart of Dixie Railroad Museum, Alabama

C&EI Troop Kitchen Car - Hoosier Valley Railroad Museum - Indiana


Dining by Rail: The History and Recipes of America's Golden Age of Railroad Cuisine
by James D. Porterfield

Dining on the B&O : recipes and sidelights from a bygone age by Thomas J. Greco

Food on the Rails: The Golden Era of Railroad Dining by Jeri Quinzio

Military Meals at Home Cook Book. Edited by Ruth Berolzeimer. Published by the Culinary Arts Institute, 1943.

City of Los Angeles booklet published courtesy of the Women's Travel Department, Union Pacific, date unknown. (approx. 1930s)

Teacher's Kit: Railroad Transportation, from the Eastern Railroad Presidents Conference Committee on Public Relations, date unknown. (approx. early 1940s) 


Uniformed dining car waiters on the Empire Builder, February 1947

Pinterest Board: Railroad Dining Car Waiters - there are some interesting images there, however, as is the nature of Pinterest, it’s hard to trace back where the images were grabbed from. It’s a good start for some research though!

We Have No Time to Lose - National Archives at College Park, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

On the Job

"Life-lines to victory! Keep'em rolling - The railroad are the backbone of offense"

Railroads Are Ready

United for Victory

Stop Pleasure Travel

Right Behind Him

Don’t Waste Transportation

War Traffic Must Come First

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