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Episode 25 - By Rod, Gun & Steel


Welcome to Episode 25's supplemental blog post. This episode focused on hunting, fishing, and trapping in wartime America and how that fed into the larger picture of food rationing. 

Below are three great propaganda posters from the National Archives. Two are focused on the importance of the fishing industry. The third is part of a smaller, but no less important campaign that was led to educate hunters and campers about being responsible with their matches, cigarettes, and pipes to prevent forest fires. Because, like the poster points out, forest fires destroy game. 

And game = food for people. 


I talk about this piece of legislation introduced by North Dakota to protect wild game and conservation efforts from ideas that would wipe out wild game in the name of the war emergency situation.

House Concurrent Resolution B  from the
28th Legislative Assembly of North Dakota
(as mentioned in this episode)
"What About Shells? A Vital Conservation Question"
Field & Stream magazine
April 1943
And here's the Florida ad I mention about deep sea fishing being forbidden with those tempting marlins in the pictures. 
Sports Afield magazine
February 1944

I mentioned this ad in the podcast, but didn't remember exactly where I saw it - well, here it is! So, apparently, this company supplied flies in the emergency kits for the U.S. pilots. So cool!

Sports Afield magazine
February 1944

I talk about this article in the podcast as well. The picture of one season's take of fox furs as shown at the bottom of the article is pretty striking.

Fur Fish Game magazine
February 1945

Field & Stream 
April 1943

A big thank you to my friend Kelsey for spotting the following ad in one of her Life magazines and sharing it with me!
Life Magazine
13 March 1944

I wanted to show the small collection of hunting and fishing magazines I acquired as source materials for this episode. I tried to gather issues from throughout the war period and on various topics. It's quite the fascinating research topic, and this part of the American homefront story is full of fascinating things to study!



Cookbook Highlight: 
Men in Aprons by Lawrence A. Keating published in 1944. My copy is from March 1945.

Spice Pot Roast of Beef with Vegetables

For this dessert, keep in mind that the frosting is not the greatest recipe and needs some adjustment. I recommend only cooking it to soft ball stage. 

Banana Cake with Caramel Frosting


National Wildlife Week

Books & Magazines:

Field & Stream, April 1943

Fur Fish Game, January 1945

Fur Fish Game, February 1945

Hunting and Fishing, October 1944

Sports Afield, February 1944

Sports Afield, July 1942

Sports Afield, November 1942

Life Magazine, 13 March 1944


The Sportsman’s Way: How to Prepare Wild Game & Waterfowl, 1945

Men in Aprons by Lawrence A. Keating, 1944


America’s Fishing Fleet and Men

Fish is a Fighting Food

Forest Fires Destroy Game

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